11. toukokuuta 2017

Poetic inspiration

She bought a Jeep. Shit, I mean: She bought an apartment. 

I had seen millions online. We tried to buy a few while still in Australia but it didn't seem to take. Finally, in Finland I went and saw two. And I bought one. Well, I bought half of one and Grant bought the other half. What I meant is that in his absence I had to do the paperwork of actually completing the purchase.  

Anyhoo, the place had a horrible kitchen. Now, in saying that it was horrible, I mean it wasn't nice to look at. It was fully functional - just a bit of an eye-sore. Grant not being here, I didn't want to do anything too major to the kitchen. Also, the place will be up for rent after we find a new adventure to go on. Wouldn't want to spend heaps of money on something that I don't get to enjoy.

The backsplash looks like the cover of an 80's hair metal band's debut album. 

I never knew how much I disliked green. I need more white. I am Nordic, after all. It's culture.

Hence, contact. You know, like when your mum covered your school books with that laminate stuff. Yeah? Well, apparently they make it for furniture too. So, I make a quick trip to the hardware store to buy some contact in anticipation of covering the hideous fake green marble bench top and backsplash. Covering fakery with more fakery? I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well, whaddaya know, it wasn't fine. The process evoked certain feelings in me that I had a hard time putting into words. I've always liked words, I've just never been particularly creative with them. That's why when the bloody plastic got stuck on itself or had bloody bubbles under it or wouldn't go around the fricking tap, I let our a few choice words of Shakespearean quality. But now the bloody thing is on the bloody counter.

Three months later and I still haven't got the silicone seams done. Perkele.

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